Healthy Lifestyle

Whether they are good or bad, we all have our own little habits, and they obviously have an impact on the quality of our way of life. But how can we “eat well”, feel good all year round, have fun and adopt a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis? Our 5-step wellness program helps you adopt the right reflexes every day and provides you with the first keys to start a new life. A healthier life (yes, yes, just that!).

Step 1: Towards a healthier lifestyle: Move, move and move again!

Why do we have to move every day?

Because finding a sport you enjoy and practicing it regularly is a first step towards a healthy lifestyle.
But physical activity is not the only way to move, to be active. There are 1001 other ways to move and exercise. And when you exercise, you’re doing good for your body and your head, and that’s the beginning of a healthier lifestyle.

How do we find a physical activity that we like and stand by?

How, it depends a lot on everyone, on your habits, your time, your motivation. The ideal is to do 30 minutes of physical activity every day or two to three hours a week depending on your abilities. And if it’s with the family, it’s even better. And yes, a healthy lifestyle is built in families, and from an early age.

Simple little things can improve your well-being: take the stairs instead of the escalators, walk for bread, get off a station before the subway… go to school or the office by bike, scooter or even on foot. There is no such thing as an ideal sport, the ideal sport is the one that suits you and pleases you.

And to motivate yourself and become aware of your efforts, download an application that counts your steps, the number of floors, the kilometres covered, etc. on your smartphone, put a pedometer in your pocket.
And don’t forget, a small reward is very often a good motivation, so why, for example, leave the choice of weekend physical activity to the person who has reached or even exceeded the 2.5 hours of physical activity target for the week?

Step 2: towards a healthier lifestyle: Turn off the screens!

Why are we reducing the presence of screens at home?

Healthy living is good nutrition on the one hand, and sufficient physical activity every week. But adopting a healthy lifestyle also means maintaining a balance between professional and personal life. In your personal life (as in your professional life), social relationships are very important. To facilitate exchanges between family members, a first step: we take down screens and spend real moments together, face to face!

How do you disconnect to spend more time together (for real, without going through a screen, keyboard, message and/or picture!)?

To adopt a healthier lifestyle, there are habits to adopt, routines to create. There are some very simple things to do, for example, when you come home, put your phone down (or at least silently), create zero screen moments (at breakfast, at dinner, at bedtime), play board games rather than video games (unless they are made to move and dance) or read a story to children at night at bedtime rather than sit in front of a cartoon.

Step 3: towards a healthier lifestyle: Adopt healthy eating habits!

Why are we reviewing our eating habits (good and bad!!!)?

Because a balanced diet contributes to good health. In particular, it provides your body with nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential to your body. And a healthy lifestyle is something you work on as soon as you wake up, so don’t forget breakfast! And as with physical activity, if you don’t want to do it alone, not the courage, it can be much more enjoyable and motivating as a family!

How do you review your eating habits to adopt a balanced diet?

Eating well should not be a chore. If necessary, you can also, as with physical exercises, try to make it a game. Set realistic, achievable goals for adopting this new lifestyle. Each family member has his or her daily objectives, each family member has his or her points at the end of each day. Go step by step. It is very difficult to change your habits and behaviours (whether they are food or not). You can start with 1 change per month (example: 1 vegetable for each dinner). You can also combine the success of these objectives with the achievement of rewards: perhaps the one who has been most assiduous can choose the Sunday menu!

Step 4: towards a healthier lifestyle: Sleep well!

Why is it important to sleep well (in quality and quantity)?

Sleep is one of the fundamental elements of good health. To maximize recovery and quality of sleep, try setting goals for going to bed at more or less the same time or trying to sleep the same number of hours. Know that we are all different when it comes to sleep. Some are big sleepers, others are small. It’s up to you to find what’s best for you.

How do you maximize your sleep?

Since waking up at the same time each day increases your daily energy, become the family’s wake-up call. Get up as soon as you wake up and walk around the house to wake each member one after the other.
And so that the morning awakening is not too laborious, send the children to bed earlier, they will complain a little bit on the spot but will thank you (well not right away!) the next morning.
And as for each step, create rituals, the bedtime lends itself very well to it, the pajama moment, the story then the kiss to fall asleep.

A short moment of fatigue in the afternoon, don’t hesitate to take a break. You know that a nap of 20 to 30 minutes (maximum) is just as effective as a longer night of 2h30. And yes, it’s still worth taking time for a nap.

Step 5: towards a healthier lifestyle: Enjoying yourself at the table!

Why is it important to enjoy eating?

A balanced diet is a daily pleasure. By cooking good, varied and balanced meals for the whole family every day, you know that you are taking care of them, of yourself, and that you are making the whole family happy. And then the kitchen is a time of conviviality, of sharing, so don’t hesitate to involve everyone to enjoy a disconnected moment, with your family.

How do you enjoy yourself while eating a balanced diet?

The meal is the basis of a balanced diet. It is essential to eat slowly, to rest, especially during the evening meal, while avoiding television. It is important to take the time to gather around a table, in a quiet place, and to share a moment to share about your day, to relax, to evacuate.
But the meal is not just putting your feet under the table, it is also a before, the preparation, and an after, the clearing of the table.

As for preparation, we do not hesitate to involve the children and make this moment fun. The shapes and colours of the plates are varied: fruit and vegetables, cut into sticks, slices, cubes, are particularly suitable for exercise.

Focus: Danone Nature yoghurt, your ally in your balanced diet

Danone Nature yoghurt is a partner in a balanced diet for the whole family. Easy to find, easy to eat at home, it can also be personalized according to everyone’s tastes and preferences: addition of honey, fruit, cereals or simply enjoyed plain.

Yoghurt contains essential nutrients, such as calcium or protein. And with its low fat content, plain yoghurt is a good snack for a little hunger during the day.

Accompanied by a glass of water, it contributes to a balanced diet.
But natural yoghurt can also be cooked in all forms, did you know that? From appetizers to desserts, sauces and appetizers, it will surprise you and delight the whole family every day.